• AML Accelerate is passionate about equipping organisations with technology to combat financial crime

    Reducing money laundering and terrorism financing by providing innovative and cost effective solutions that allow organisations to manage this risk exposure is what drives us.

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Who is AML Accelerate?

AML Accelerate Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Arctic Intelligence and Initialism, both widely recognised as thought leaders in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing compliance, to provide solutions for businesses covered by AML/CTF law and regulations.

Our AML/CFT program is designed by experts, so you don’t need to be one!  Our innovative AML/CFT Program Manual will guide your organisation to compliance at an affordable price regardless of size, industry sector or geographic location.


Our mission is to help organisations of all sizes, sectors and geographic locations raise the bar and effectively manage money laundering and terrorism financing risk and ensure compliance with AML/CFT obligations.


We believe that all organisations should have access to affordable advice and technology which will keep them in line with regulations and in compliance with AML/CFT laws and rules.


Our dedicated team of professionals will deliver innovative, world-class financial crime prevention solutions, that will be made accessible to all organisations at affordable prices.

We have combined decades of hard-fought experience and deep domain expertise into the design and development of the AML/CFT Program Manual and are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to help organisation’s meet their AML compliance obligations, with the minimal disruption to normal business operations.

Why choose to work with us?

We truly understand the issues that organisations face in trying to balance business growth objectives whilst operating in an increasingly regulated global environment, where the costs of compliance are high, but the consequences of non-compliance are higher.


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