• Customer and Third Party Screening Solutions

    Do you need to conduct screening on your customers or third parties to assess whether they are PEPs or subject to sanctions?

Customer Screening Solutions


We are the world’s only real-time database of PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media information that applies consistently, and seamlessly integrates across client on-boarding, payment screening, and transaction monitoring.

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning, ComplyAdvantage reduces false positive alerts, expedites KYC/on-boarding processes, and improves fraud/AML detection. Our algorithms and fuzzy matching technology is proprietary, created with the deeper dataset.

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Do you provide customer screening solutions?

If so and you would like to make an application to join the AML Accelerate Marketplace please complete the following form:


Once submitted our team will assess your application and if approved will publish to this page.

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Third Party Screening Solutions


ethiXbase 2.0 is the first ever free to access 100% third party due diligence platform.  By providing free to use sanctions and enforcement screening for baseline due diligence, along with cost effective escalation options for moderate or high risk third parties ethiXbase offers a singular repository and consistent risk-based escalation workflow with full reporting.

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