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Employment Screening

Employees are our greatest asset, is a much used phrase in the business world as organisations compete to hire and retain the best talent – but how well do you actually know the background and history of your employees other than what you may have read on their resumes?

They could be your greatest liability!

Arctic Intelligence has partnered with owned by VEDA, (an Equifax company) through which we can offer discounted access to their online background checking portal, which will allow you to manage the ‘know your employee’ process simply and easily.

VEDA has access to a broad set of data sources for conducting employment screening checks, so please let us know if you are looking to conduct employment screening outside of Australia and New Zealand as it is likely we can assist you with this.

Arctic Intelligence and other leading subject matter experts provide information on the FATCA iPhone/iPad application which is published by T-Consult and available on iTunes using the following link.

The application has a tool to run due diligence tests for individuals and Chapter 4 entities, as well as, process flows and other compliance guidance. The GATCA App provides project timers for key fixed GATCA issues, project management timers for your own project deadlines, as well as, details of training, conferences and GATCA solutions, vendors and advisers.

Join thousands of risk professionals who have downloaded the iPhone application already.

GATCA iPhone App

Fraud Whistleblower App

FraudSec is the most innovative and effective way to protect your business from fraud. Put the whistleblower in the driving seat with real time, anonymous two-way communication from any device.

The process is simple:

  • Fraud Reported – Whistleblower reports fraud anonymously using a customised incident form available on all devices
  • Data Encrypted – Information submitted is encrypted using 256 Bit encryption. Whistleblower IP address never leaks to the organisation
  • Fraud Investigated – Your organisation receives the incident form instantly and a two-way communication with the whistleblower can now start
  • Fraud Stopped – Thanks to Fraudsec, the offender is stopped in their tracks and fraud stopped.